Friday, July 8, 2011

OSH Practisioner: It is a noble job

I believed, there is not such job post where he puts his effort to ensure the workplace is safe and healthy for people to work... like OSH Practisioner. I thought that I'm not good in writing, but I believed I can contribute something in OSH. But, it purely depends on you what you can contribute to OSH... I'm trying my best to sell safety from different point of view... not really focus on management system, technical safety, OSH leadership etc... I will sell it from human point of view....

For me, awareness is very important for each of us to know that on how important is our life... We only live ONCE in this world. BUT, as a human, you can't see the importance of our life once you lost it...
- you don't know how valuable of your eyes once you can't see
- you don't know the important of your hand once it amputated
- you don't know how important is your leg once you can't walk normally etc
this is common for us as a human...

We must remember, to educate people is not an easy task... human has different types of background in terms of
1. cultures
2. education
3. religion
4. races etc
So, to make a safe & healthy workplace, it is not a "destination". It's journey, never ended journey. That's why, I believed that this type of job is a preach ("dakwah, tarbiyah") type of job. If this principle is cemented among OSH Practisioners, trust me we do this is not purely because our job nature. Because we want it, we treasure every single people's life.

Our Prophet, Muhammad SAW said "tidak sempurna iman seseorang itu jika dia tidak mencintai saudaranya sebagai mana dia mencintai dirinya sendiri".

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